Our Story

I started T-pARTy Creations to inspire and educate my niece on South Asian culture and heritage. When my sister became pregnant with the first baby in our family, we were overjoyed. My sisters and I wanted to buy the baby everything. However, we were concerned on how we would be able to pass on our culture and traditions to the baby in today's world. We researched and found that there was a lack of artwork and products for South Asian kids. 

Having a passion for art, I started drawing and creating colorful images of Hindu deities for my niece. Seeing her reaction to them inspired me to share my artwork so that all kids and parents can appreciate, learn, and enjoy. My goal is to create simple products that make learning interactive and fun for parents and their young ones. I hope you enjoy these products as much as I've enjoyed making them. 

Happy exploring! - Treashal  


Our Mission

Our Mission is to connect families and kids to South Asian culture, traditions and heritage through the use of simple products and vibrant colors. 

 Our Logo

Our logo combines the head of an elephant and Lord Ganesh with the back of the omnipresent rickshaw. Ganesh, the God of New Beginnings, encourages new ideas and wisdom. Rickshaws are an iconic symbol in Asia and are used daily for transportation. We hope that our products connect kids and families with their South Asian culture, traditions, and heritage.

Join our pARTy!

At T-pARTy Creations, we strive to make sustainable products that kids and families can enjoy for generations. All of our colorful artwork and illustrations are carefully created to captivate and spark curiosity in the minds of young kids. We've consciously created products that are long lasting and easy for little hands to hold. So explore our products, say hello, and join our pARTy!